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A long time back not long after I began my stimulation organization, I found out about a “Skirmish of the Bands” corporate occasion including two of the main 10 demonstrate groups in the U.S. A couple of years after the fact, I found out about another corporate occasion “fight” including – astonish – a similar two groups with a similar outcome. A great deal of fortunate, glad corporate workers and administration at these two occasions!

You don’t hear much about this sort of occasion today since they infrequently occur with organizations curtailing and (I think) absurd worries about “celebrating while Rome consumes”! In any case, a “Skirmish of the Bands” occasion is no less energizing and amazing today than it was ten or fifteen years prior.

Some would ask, “Why twofold your diversion cost when you can get by with one band just?” and obviously, that is a strong contention against having a “Skirmish of the Bands”. The appropriate response obviously is, “For those needing to accomplish something ‘out of the case’, something remarkable and something uncommon!”

There is, as I would like to think, one approach to do such a one of a kind and uncommon occasion and that is to do precisely as those organizations in 1999 and 2002 did- – enlist two of the absolute best show groups in the U.S., have an enormous two-arrange set with an expansive move floor encompassing both finish with two arrangements of truss lighting (with moving lights and lasers) and complete the set-up with flown line cluster speakers (swung from the roof for most extreme sound dispersal). Along these lines, all the visitor crashing of plates and discussion (“noise”) won’t meddle with the band sound (You regularly observe/hear this sound framework utilized at public exhibitions where the makers need the music heard all through the tradition focus). A top notch emcee is “an absolute necessity” for an occasion this way, presenting each band and guiding visitors to voting in favor of their most loved band toward the finish of the night.

One band plays a 45-moment or hour-long set conveying a few visitors to the move floor, then as they complete, the lights go out on their phase as the neighboring stage illuminates with the contender band beginning its 45-minute set without thinking twice (A hour and a half move set is normally sufficiently long for the most eager move couples). A concise interval takes after the two band sets so the visitors can talk and the hold up staff can clear the tables, and so on. The two groups share an additional hour and a half set each allowing visitors to move some more and gage each band’s ability.

After coming back to their tables, the visitors discover voting cards asking them which band was “the best”. Subsequent to denoting their choice, the cards are grabbed by hold up staff and classified by the CEO’s associates. He/she declares the triumphant band which plays one last cover. The “Clash of the Bands” champ is granted either a money prize, round trek airfares to Hawaii or something comparative and the occasion finds some conclusion.

Today, there are a set number of value Las Vegas indicate groups in America to choose for themed occasions. I call them “Las Vegas indicate groups” since they perform for the most part at Las Vegas corporate occasions and in light of the fact that these exhibitions frequently include a change of outfits and some component choreographed bleeding edges. One of these gatherings includes a string trio in their 12-piece and bigger variants giving a pleasant “undercurrent” to shake and pop numbers and to Motown covers, for example, “My Girl”. They are “an unquestionable requirement” for ELO’s hits, for example, “It’s A Livin’ Thing”.

A “Clash of the Bands” party… a corporate occasion to recall!

David Levin since 1998 has been contracting show groups and tribute specialists for weddings and corporate occasions

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